LOOP is a "hotel where you can enjoy wine".

Making the best use of wood, iron, and concrete materials is the image of "staying in a vacant room in a winery."
If you had a nice dinner while enjoying wine at the winery, it would be like this in the morning.
At LOOP, we hope that you can enjoy Yoichi's wine and meals from the bottom of your heart.

Rich nature, dignified air, pure thaw water filled with vast mountains ... Food treasure box Yoichi

Guest room

FWe have prepared 4 types, from "studio type" where you can relax slowly with a dining kitchen and tatami room area, to simple "compact double" which is the image of a cabin hut in a vineyard.
Rest as if slowly aging with wine.


Studio type

Studio type




The restaurant on the first floor is a place where you can meet your favorite wines and wines you like. We have a lineup of selected wines from France and Spain, centered on Yoichi wines cultivated and brewed in the climate of Yoichi. Enjoy the wine chosen by the sommelier who knows all about wine, who has been serving at the starred restaurants in Ginza and Aoyama for 11 years in France.
We will provide the ingredients of Yoichi to match the wine. A chef who has honed his skills at a starred restaurant in Japanese, French and Garcia, Spain will use the ingredients to cook with inspiration. Please enjoy the mariage of Yoichi wine and ingredients.



We look forward to welcoming you with the world's wines carefully selected by the sommelier Kuratomi Mune, as well as the "Yoichi wines" that are attracting attention around the world.
The wine stock changes every day according to the wonderful ingredients of Yoichi's four seasons and the fantastic dishes produced by the chef Wei Niki. For more information, please contact Kuratomi.

I want many people to enjoy the precious Yoichi wine 🥂

Thankfully, LOOP handles various Yoichi and Niki wines. Wines that the makers have lovingly made, brewed, and even released. You want to reach many people. We likewise want to bring this feeling and wine to many customers.
With that in mind, LOOP has introduced Coravan.
With Coravan, you can pour wine in a bottle without cutting the cap seal or removing the cork by inserting a thin needle into the cork. Argon gas with a purity of 99.9% is injected into the bottle as much as the wine is poured, and even if the needle is pulled out, the natural cork naturally seals the hole, so it continues to grow naturally in the bottle without touching oxygen. You can keep it fresh.

wine cellar

It faces the roundabout in front of Yoichi station.

  • by car
    • Approximately 80 minutes from New Chitose Airport via the Hokkaido Expressway / Sapporo Expressway
    • Approximately 50 minutes from Sapporo via the Sasson Expressway and Shiribeshi Expressway
    • About 60 minutes from Niseko Town via Route 5
  • by train
    • From New Chitose Airport Station, get off at Chitose Rapid Airport / JR Hakodate Main Line (bound for Hakodate) Yoichi Station, facing the right side of the rotary in front of the station (northwest corner)
    • From Sapporo Station, get off at Yoichi Station on the JR Hakodate Main Line (bound for Hakodate), and turn right at the roundabout in front of the station (northwest corner).
    • From Niseko Town, get off at Yoichi Station on the JR Hakodate Main Line (bound for Sapporo), and turn right at the roundabout in front of the station (northwest corner).


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