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Loop is a "hotel where you can enjoy wine". Making the best use of wood, iron, and concrete materials is the image of "staying in a vacant room in a winery." Of course, the clean room has amenities such as shampoo, hairdryer, toothpaste and bath towels, but no concierge. Also, breakfast is not available. That's because all the staff, not to mention the chef, concentrate on lunch and dinner, so they prepare and prepare from the morning ... Even if you have dinner at the winery, it probably won't be like this in the morning. Is it? At Loop, we hope that you can enjoy Yoichi's wine and food from the bottom of your heart.

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Grapes with rich sugar content and sourness are carefully harvested, branches are removed, fruit juice is squeezed, and the grapes are fermented and aged in a wooden barrel where natural yeast is easily activated. When fermented and aged, it is bottled, and then the wine is matured by secondary fermentation in the bottle. Feeling like an important grape for our customers, relax in a room that imitates a wine curve, in a cypress bath or a wooden shelf-like tatami room that resembles a wooden barrel of wine, and relax with wine. Please rest as if it matures

Studio type


This twin room has a dining kitchen and a tatami room. The table in the tatami room area becomes a kotatsu in winter, so you can spend a relaxing time.

Loop StudioLoop StudioLoop StudioLoop StudioLoop StudioLoop StudioLoop StudioLoop Studio

Deluxe twin


This room is the studio with the dining kitchen removed. Ideal for those who do not need a kitchen. There is also a simpler double room that eliminates the tatami room space.

Loop Deluxe twinLoop Deluxe twinLoop Deluxe twinLoop Deluxe twinLoop Deluxe twinLoop Deluxe twinLoop Deluxe twin



The theme is "cultivating vineyards" on a casual floor. The image is the process of clearing and creating land, systematically building columns, planting grape seedlings, and attracting them vertically with wires. At first, the vineyard in Asahidai, Niki-cho, was a land overgrown with trees and grass like a primeval forest. We cut down trees, mowed grass, created land, and cultivated fields.
Feel like a pioneer of farmland, and heal your tiredness with wine in a simple, inorganic room with a shower and bed like a farm equipment hut, and bare floors and ceilings.

Quad room

ぶどう畑のキャビン小屋をイメージお部屋 "クアッドルーム"

Loop Quad roomLoop Quad roomLoop Quad roomLoop Quad roomLoop Quad roomLoop Quad roomLoop Quad roomLoop Quad room

Compact double


Loop Compact doubleLoop Compact doubleLoop Compact doubleLoop Compact doubleLoop Compact doubleLoop Compact doubleLoop Compact double